Brave Plane

Brave Plane 3.1

Free the world from air invaders in the game "Brave Plane"!

Brave Plane 2.0 is a fun free action game. In the main screen you will be able to configure general options like the screen view in full or windows mode, music and sound on/off and you will also find a help section that will inform you about the overview of the game, use of controls, enemies and bonus. You will be the pilot of an old plane and you will have to shoot all the enemies that will cross on your flight. Among the enemies you will find, airplanes, helicopter, airships, air freighters, paratroopers, soldiers, canons and rockets, and to make your mission a little it different you will be provided with bonus like extra life, extra score, mega bombs, weapons and shields. The control of the airplane is really easy since all you have to use is your arrow keys at the keyboard, or your mouse, in order to shoot the machine gun use the left button of your mouse or Ctrl key, and to drop bombs use the shift key or right button of your mouse. Brave Plane is a very easy game that can be learned in the catch and it is also very entertaining.

Augusto Rivera
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  • Fun game that is easy to play


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